Laser Coaching

Virtual Assistant Coaching Services

There are many ways that I can help you and support you in your business.

Private Coaching is just you and me … connecting to strategize and plan your business decisions. Because different virtual assistants need different levels of support, I have put together many different ways that we can work together privately.

Laser coaching sessions can be purchased as one-time calls or in a package of three – whatever suits your needs and your budget!

Laser Coaching Session – $99 per session

Laser coaching sessions are the fastest way to walk through a specific issue or issues. You have a private call with me to discuss whatever you need to talk about. You complete a brief questionnaire prior to your session so you can maximize our phone time. Laser coaching calls can be combined with email coaching if desired, at a reduced rate. Email me if you are interested in combining them.

What you get: One 30 minute strategy session by telephone with Tracey. Calls are recorded and provided to you afterward to keep.


Private Coaching – 30 minute calls – $99

If you don’t even know where to start, or what you need, then private coaching is probably the best place to start. We have a 30 minute phone call to discuss where you are, and where you want to be, so you can map out your plan to get there. These calls can also be combined into a 3 pack to get you moving quickly, and so I can help you stay on track with you plan.

What you get: One (or three) 30 minute private call with Tracey to discuss, brainstorm and strategize your specific issue(s). Calls are recorded and provided to you afterward to keep. *Bonus: when you buy a three-pack, you also get access to special resources and special rates on selected programs run by Your VA Mentor.


Single Session:

Three Pack: